Circle LED Display

Product Description:

  • Using small pitch P1.94mm technology, super high desity, clear image
  • Come with 4GB video strorage capacity, plug and play, support extra USB extending storage
  • Professional LED advertising display cotnrol system, controlled by computer or APP throught Wifi
  • Good replacement for traditional LOGO sign, light box

Size Info


Chain stores with good brand, shows logo and promotion content


Item Parameter
Pixel pitch 1.94mm
LED size SMD1010
Pixel desity 208,201 dots/
Drive mode Constant PWM Drive
Scan mode 1/32 scan
Grey scale 65536
Refresh rate >1,000HZ
Screen brightness >500nits
Viewing angle 120°
Cabinet size φ500x65mm
Screen resolution 256×256
Cabint Max. power consumption 400W
Maintenance method Rear service
Cabinet weight 5 KG
Cabinet material Aluminum
IP rating IP31
Screen working temperature -20~50
Screen working Voltage AC 220V/110V ±10%
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