O-Fury – Front service Outdoor LED screen 250x250mm, P2.9~9.6mm

Product Description:

  • High resolution outdoor LED display:
    Small pixel pitch outdoor LED display down to 2.9mm pixel pitch, up to 9.6mm pixel pitch, lots of choices.
  • Fast and convenient:
    “T” tool design, fast rigging with tightening spring locks; Quickly release the modules, power supply and controllers.
  • Energy saving:
    Using power saving IC driver and special design PCB, lower current power supply to save energy more than 30%.
  • Anti-Oxidation module frame with anti-UV material to protect high temperature ultraviolet radiation and salty area.
  • Optional maintenance way:
    Front and rear maintenance for all commercial applications.
  • High uniformity &contract:
    Selected small tolerance wavelength led lamp and strict use good contract mask to bring a super shinning display.
  • 90 degree installation
    45 degree cut cabinet available, possible to make seamless 90 degree installation.


Pixel Pitch (mm) FY2-P2.97-o FY2-P3.9-o FY2-P4.8-o FY2-P5.95-o FY2-P7.8-o FY2-P9.6-o
Brightness with white SMD (nits) >5000nits >5000nits >5000nits >6000nits >6000nits >6000nits
Brightness with black SMD (nits) 4,000-4,500nits 4,000-4,500nits 4,000-4,500nits
Pixel desity 112,896/m2 65,536/m2 43,264/m2 28,224/m2 16,384/m2 10,816/m2
Viewing distance > 2.97m > 3.9m > 4.8m > 5.95 m > 7.8 m > 9.6 m
Scan mode 1/14 scan 1/8 scan 1/7 scan 1/7 scan 1/4 scan 1/2 scan
Power supply Meanwell HSP 300
SMD SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD2727
IC ICN2038/ICN2153 ICN2038/ICN2153 ICN2038/ICN2153 ICN2038/ICN2153 ICN2038/ICN2153 ICN2038/ICN2153
Module size 250mm*250mm
Resolution per Module 168 dots *336 dots 128 dots * 256 dots 104 dots * 208 dots 84 dots * 168 dots 64 dots * 128 dots 52 dots * 104 dots
Cabinet: 500mm*1000mm (19,7” X 29.4”) or any other size
Curve 90 degree installation
Refresh rate 1920HZ-3840HZ
Maximum Power Consumption 900W/m2
IP rate IP65/IP54
Service Front

DOOH, Shopping Malls, Casinos, etc

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