sports led system

Sports LED System

LED Perimeter System

  • Greater visual experiences!
    A digital solution for sports advertising is compiled of elements according to the need of the stadium or the arena thereby offering flexibility
    in both design and applications. The elements interact with each other and create great visual experiences for both the spectators at the stadium and the viewers at home. We develop and manufacture all the elements for digital sports advertising solutions.
  • Wider product range
    With a digital solution you will be able to offer your sponsors and advertisers dynamic, flexible and eye-catching advertising possibilities. Due to the flexibility of digital sports advertising, you will also be able to offer a wider and better-targeted product range, where sponsors and advertisers can buy advertisements, which are shown for instance in connection with corner kicks, penalty kicks and goals.
  • Greater value for you and sponsors!
    LED perimeter displays offer a new and lively way of advertising, which without a doubt attracts attention to the advertised messages.
  • Advantages of LED perimeter displays
    The LED perimeter displays open up a new world of perimeter advertisements, where it is possible to play with animations, colors, moving texts and objects. Offering this new media to your current sponsors and advertisers will help you maintain them and at the same time they will attract new advertisers, who are tempted by the new media’s visibility and the countless number of possibilities.

Big LED Screens

  • Closer to the action …
    Enhance your audience’s visual experience of the sporting event with big screens, where they can enjoy zoom-ins, super slow motion,
    stop/freeze shots, goal repeats, player info and the current score.
  • Lots of options
    The big screens can also be used for entertainment before the match and during half-time and as info boards advertising  for  instance the next home match or club news.
    You can also choose to mount a big screen outside the stadium and use it for welcoming your guests, give parking directions or advertising coming events.


  • Perfect for indoor arenas
    The cube is a four-sided screen, which is ideal for strengthening the audiences’ visual experience at an indoor arena.
    The cube has many applications and can among other things be used as a score board and for showing close-ups, live TV transmissions,
    advertisements, information or any combination hereof.
    The cube has a high resolution and is easily integrated into the overall digital solution and is very well suited for sporting events such
    as volleyball, handball, floor ball, ice hockey, boxing and horse shows.r of possibilities.
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