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Retail LED Displays

Just-in-Time communication

It is common knowledge, that in order to get the consumers’ attention it is essential to stand out from the crowd.The digital LED sign is an impressive eye-catcher, which combined with the changing and current communication on the sign, makes the LED sign an ideal form of advertising for shops and shopping centres, who wish to be top of mind with the consumers.

Selected benefits of digital signage:

• Strong visual exposure
• Optimized use of limited advertising space
• Possibility for “here and now” communication
• Advertise changing messages
• Ideal for staying top of mind with the consumers
• Can be controlled centrally, locally or both low content production costs

Increase your salience!

Communication on digital LED signs naturally attracts more attention to the messages than classic analogue posters do.The combination of the sign’s brightness and the changing messages makes the sign a strong and salient media. Due to the changing messages,the signs have great news value, which further strengthens passers-bys’ awareness of the LED signs and their messages.

Get noticed!

A digital sign is a natural eye  catcher, which is ideal for both just-in-time communication as well as planned communication such as campaigns and corporate identity. Digital signage offers flexible and effective exposure of messages and it not limited to just one message or one communicative purpose.

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One Sign – countless possibilities

One sign can for instance be used for advertising corporate identity, welcoming guests, opening hours, campaigns, parking info, news, traffic information, local events and much more. The countless possibilities make it possible to compile content for the digital signs, which perfectly matches your communicative needs.

Latest messages to the consumers

In the cityscape, there are many visual impressions, which make it even more important to stand out if you wish to catch the consumers’ attention.The constant changing messages on the digital sign make it ideal for the cityscape and it will definitely attract great attention to the displayed messages.the changing and current messages on the LED sign will heighten the consumers’ awareness of the sign.

Promote your company!

A digital LED sign is excellent to promote your company to your surroundings. Not only will a digital sign create awareness of your physical location,it can also be used to advertise opening hours, parking information or to brand your company, your products, vision and values.

Selected benefits of digital signage in the cityscape:

• Strong visual communication
• Current and relevant communication in the consumption situation
• Changing messages = optimized use of advertising space
• Simple and fast to update

Selected benefits of corporate digital signage:

• Eye-catching exposure of the company
• Simple and fast to updateChanging messages and the possibility of mixing different messages

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