D-Sides | Double Sided Indoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P1.9mm, P2.5mm, P2.6mm, P2.9mm, P3.9mm
Cabinet Size: 1000x250x53mm, 750x250x53mm, 500x250x53mm

  • Light weight and slim cabinet, only 7.8kg/panel, and 53mm thickness
  • Full front maintenance, all the components could be serviced from front side
  • Wide range of pixel pitch and cabinet size options, flexible in display solutions
  • High refresh rate and high contrast ratio, excellent visual performance
  • Wide viewing angle, 320° viewing angle from all directions

Full Front Service

It’s a double sided LED display product, only 100% front service will work to manage the service.

double sided led display

Super Slim Design

Only 53mm thickness for a double sided LED display, elegant design with all the necessary components integrated into the slim cabinet body, as a result of 7.8kg/panel.

double sided led display

Multi Applications

The display units could be hanging or standing installation, a hanging double sided display with 320° viewing angle, will maximize the advertising effects. When used as a standing installation, only needs to assemble with a standing foot, it will be a double sided LED poster, could be used in shopping malls, casinos, retail shops, schools etc.

double sided led display


D-Sides Specification
Item Number D1.9 D2.5 D2.6 D2.9 D3.9
Pixel Pitch 1.95mm 2.5mm 2.604mm 2.9mm 3.9mm
Pixel Density 262,144 pixels/㎡ 160,000 pixels/㎡ 147,456 pixels/㎡ 102,400 pixels/㎡ 65,536 pixels/㎡
LED Type SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2121
LED Configuration 1 R 1G 1B, 3 in 1 1 R 1G 1B, 3 in 1 1 R 1G 1B, 3 in 1 1 R 1G 1B, 3 in 1 1 R 1G 1B, 3 in 1
Module Resolution 128×128 pixels 100×100 pixels 96×96 pixels 84×84 pixels 64×64 pixels
Module Dimension 250x250mm
Module Number W4 x H1
Cabinet Dimension 1000x250x53mm
Cabinet Resolution 512×128 pixels 400×100 pixels 384×96 pixels 336×84 pixels 256×64 pixels
Optional Cabinet Size 750x250mmx53mm / 500x250mmx53mm
Cabinet Weight 7.8kg
Cabinet Material Aluminum CNC Cut
Standard Brightness 800 nits 1,000 nits 1,000 nits 1,000 nits 1,200 nits
Optional Brightness None 3,000nits 3,000nits 3,000nits 3,000nits
Viewing Distance > 1 m > 2 m > 2 m > 2 m > 3 m
Scan Mode 1/32 1/25 1/32 1/28 1/16
Brightness Control Manual/Auto/Programmable
Color Uniformity ≥97%
Color Temperate 6,500 K as standard
Colors 281 Trillion
Contrast Ratio 5000 : 1
Gray Scale 16 bit
Refresh Rate ≤3,840HZ (Configurable)
Ingress Protection IP31
Maintenance Front only
Bezel Width None
Gap Between Cabinets Seamless
Max Power Consumption 800 W/SQM
Ave Power Consumption 100-200 W/SQM
LED Life Time 100,000 Hours
Screen Angle Flat Only
Standard Installation Method Hanging
Optional Installation Method Stacking
Visual View Angle 160°/160° (H/V)
Video Frame Rate 50/60 HZ
Input Voltage 100-240V ± 10%
Date Interconnection CAT5/6, Multi/Single-mode fiber
Operating Temperature  -20~ +45 °C
Signal Input Source S-video,VGA,DVI,HDMI,SDI
Certificate CE, EMC, LVD. RoHS
Note: Specifications are for reference only and are subjected to change without notice.

Shopping Malls, Fashion Stores, Casinos, etc

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