JR Visual Tec launches World’s highest resolution LED Floor

11 years ago,  JR Visual Tec present P31.25mm LED floor in the market, SMD5050 had  been used at that time.  With the technology developed, the LED  lamps becomes smaller and smaller, which makes small pixel pitch LED Floor possible.

When SMD3535 comes into the market, we developed P7.8mm LED Floor.

When SMD1921 comes into the market, we developed P4.8mm LED Floor.

When SMD1010 comes into the market, we developed the world’s high  resolution  P1.6mm LED Floor.

Together with  the newly developed LED Floor, an intelligent  leveling structure is come up with a perfect combination. Carbon fiber material makes the whole system with light weight, on the other hand, bearing capacity up to 1,200kg per sqm.

Besides 1.6mm LED Floor, there are also other pixel pitch available for the same system, such as 2.6mm, 3.9mm and 4.8mm.

In the past, the live event market demands LED floor with pixel pitch more than 4mm, due to the main purpose for live broadcasting, the shooting camera is far away from the stage.

Now with the increasing request of showroom demonstrating, with only one person height viewing distance, pixel pitch under 2mm is very necessary. As a LED Floor manufacture leader in Shenzhen, China, the new solution with 1.6mm LED floor would be popular for some high end showrooms, control rooms, used for studios, military based control room, companies headquarters, etc.