JR VISUAL Smallest pixel pitch transparent LED display goes to F1 in Jeddah

Do you know the smallest pixel pitch transparent LED display in the market?

It’s our StarLink series P2.5mm pixel pitch, with 160,000 pixels per sqm size, with around 52 sqm size can reach more than 4K resolution. Besides this, it has a 70% visual transparency rate, this is what we can’t image without the new LED&IC packed in one technology, the PCB can be made with higher transparency in this way, no need to mount separate IC driver component on the PCB back side, maximize the transparency rate from both front and rear side.

With a screen size 2x2m StarLink transparent LED display, as a result of 800×800 pixels screen resolution, which can show good video content.

We are happy that this amazing technology could go to the amazing F1 event in Jeddah Paddock club. Apart of this installation, our flexible LED display had been installed in the central fan zone, an amazing LED Tunnel setup in the central area.

Really hope the visitors can enjoy the VIP experience during the stay, enjoy the fast feed and the latest LED display technology.


StarLink Holographic LED Display goes to World Police Summit 2024

The city of Dubai, known for its pioneering spirit and innovative prowess, proudly hosts the World Police Summit, organized by Dubai Police. Launched in 2021, this summit rapidly emerged as the nexus for security officers, police forces, and law enforcement experts from over 138 nations. With representation from elite forces such as the FBI, NYPD, LAPD, Metropolitan Police, Australian Police, Canadian Mountain Police, German Police, and many more, this event guarantees unparalleled insights and collaborations.

World Police Summit was held during 5-7th March this year. And it’s the first time for our StarLink holographic transparent LED display goes to main screen on the summit stage, usually it’s applied for the fixed installation for advertising. Benefit of it’s high transparency rate without any visible subjects in the middle of the screen, as a result of 3D effect screen floating in the air.

So far, our client had never installed a Starlink transparent LED display with 22m in width, and this time only two days allowed to finish the installation. In order to make the installation happened in time and done properly, we prepared two engineers from China to guide the installation on-site, working day and night.

The main screen on the stage is also specially designed, a 22x3m StarLink P3.9mm transparent LED display installed in the front, and around 2m behind installed a 22x4m P2.6mm rental LED screen, the designer is really a genius, two screens installed front and back, make the transparent LED display an amazing 3D screen.

StarLink transparent LED display looks like a piece of paper, not that easy to make a big screen, but our experienced engineer made it happen, like a magician. During the event, it’s a wow screen on the stage, the attendees like the screen performance. Believe me, the StarLink transparent LED display will go to more and more events application in the coming future.

If you are looking for this amazing rental solution, feel free to contact with us via info@jrvisualtec.com, or drop us a line on whatsapp 0086 136 3251 5757.

JR Visual LED Sphere goes to Sabic Year-end Meeting 2023

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Arabic: الشركة السعودية للصناعات الأساسية), known as SABIC (Arabic: سابك), is a Saudi chemical manufacturing company. 70% of SABIC’s shares are owned by Saudi Aramco.[1][2] It is active in petrochemicals, chemicals, industrial polymers, fertilizers, and metals.[3] It is the second largest public company in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia as listed in Tadawul.

We are very happy to delivery our LED Sphere product for Sabic Year-end meeting 2023, below the LED Sphere, there are a LED Cylinder plus 8pcs LED floor strips, drives by Disguise media server and customized video content, as a result of smooth video output and amazing visual effect.

Our engineer team had helped the installation in second week of December 2023, due to it’s 2.5m diameter big size, whole sphere was divided into 8 small parts, first installation started with the central main structure, and then small sphere units, check the power and data connections, last step attached all magnetic LED modules.

Below video shows the latest LED Sphere project we had done.


StarLink Series P3.9mm Transparent LED display delivered to COP28 in Dubai

Tree of Life…a virtual artwork that dazzles COP28 attendees

The Tree of Life, in the Energy Center, is the first interactive artwork in the world that uses artificial intelligence techniques and symbolizes environmental sustainability in a contemporary way

The design of this artwork is inspired by Ghaf, a local tree that grows in the UAE and is famous for its ability to thrive in harsh conditions.

The Tree of Life is an interactive digital work of art using artificial intelligence technology, and reflects the importance of art and technology in raising awareness of environmental issues and climate change, and calls for urgent action to preserve our planet.

At the bottom of the innovative tree, there is a screen where the user places an environmental pledge, in different fields.

The main specification of the digital tree of life:

  • StarLink Series P3.9mm pixel pitch
  • 3,000nits brightness
  • 80% visual transparency rate
  • Only 1.8mm thickness

JR Visual P0.9mm flexible LED display goes to Verizon London Hub

When it comes to a concave LED screen request, usually it was suggested to do by flat LED screen with curve-able locks, in this way, it will be a faceted LED wall. But if you know our iSoft series, the problem is perfectly solved, it’s flexible LED module with rubber material, flexible enough in different direction. More important, small pixel pitch with high resolution available, which can match the high end request from TV studios and corporates showrooms, etc.

In 2022, we delivered a more than 4k resolution P0.9mm flexible LED screen to Verizon Showroom in London, with screen size 4560x2400mm, and resolution @4864×2560 pixels, plus the powerful Novastar H5 controller, as you can see, it’s a perfect smooth curve screen, and high refresh rate @4096HZ.

Recently we noticed that there are some other companies claimed that the project is done by themselves, definitely it’s not true, here is the photo shows our sales director Mr. John Shaw went to Verizon London Hub for support during the installation.

JR Visual Renewed the transparent LED display in Rolls Royce Boutique City Walk

In August, 2023, we complete the renew work of the transparent LED display for Rolls Royce in Dubai City Walk. Previous P16mm transparent LED display had been worked fine in the past 7 years. The new screen with higher resolution of 10mm pixel pitch, whole screen resolution increased by 2.4 times.

Our standard LED panel size is 1000x500mm and 1000x1000mm, which will not fit the request screen size. So we had to offer customize cabinet size of 960x960mm, then exactly suitable for the current glass windows.

6,000nits Brightness is totally fine for day and night operation, important for cities with strong sunlight like Dubai.


iSoft P1.5mm screen goes to VASILCHUKI Chaihona №1 in Moscow Airport

A new concept of video screens for a modern establishment from the Vasilchukov brothers – Chaikhona No. 1 at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport was implemented by our team. The screens are completely designed and implemented according to the customer’s design project. Features of the project include a flexible module with a pixel pitch of only 1.5 mm, which required high-precision production of metal structures and a special method for assembling screens. In addition, the surfaces of the screens represent 14 autonomous zones for broadcasting streaming video, and the screens can instantly turn into one large creative screen. The project was implemented in such a way that every visitor could choose a broadcast to their taste anywhere in the establishment.

Project characteristics:
Pixel pitch 1.5 mm
Screen area: 40 m2
Number of pixels: 13.5 million
Broadcast system: 14 streaming channels

JR Visual iSoft flexible LED display goes to Bentley Cube in Seoul March 2023

March 09 ,2023,Seoul -Bentley Seoul unveiled the Bentley Cube ,a new retail concept by Bentley exemplifying a contemporary luxury lifestyle in Cheongdam , Seoul. The grand opening of the first Bentley retail concept premieres a new design concept which will influence future Bentley retail concepts around the world.

The Bentley Cube presents a luxury lifestyle destination for Bentley customers in the heart of Seoul’s most exclusive fashion district. At the Batur Studio Suite within the Bentley Cube, customers will be able to create their very own bespoke Bentley through Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, while the Azure Lounge provides an exclusive space for customers to relax and network.

Hanjoon Kim, CEO of Charmzone Automotive, said, “The opening of the Bentley Cube marks a new chapter for extraordinary customer journeys in Korea, and builds upon a major milestone for exclusive customer experiences through the Bentley Seoul Membership program launched last year with the opening of the Bentley Tower in Seoul. With the Bentley Cube, Charmzone Automotive will establish Bentley as a leading luxury lifestyle brand in Korea, backed by our expertise in being one of the first luxury car brands to enter Korea in 2006, and in leading the Korean luxury car market for the past 17 years.”

Korea was the top performing and fastest growing market for Bentley in the Asia Pacific region last year with 775 deliveries. With the S and Azure model introductions in Korea this year, it provided more choices to customers.

As a LED display manufacturer, we are proud to with our partner in Korea to offer high resolution P1.8mm curve LED screen to Bentley Cube, cover 1st floor to 4th floor. iSoft series flexible LED modules is one of the hot sale product in recent years, benefit of it’s flexibility and wide range of pixel pitch options, starts from P0.9mm, which can cover most of the curve LED screen projects, even full LED cylinder.


JR Visual LED Sphere goes to Etisalat Stand in Gitex Dubai 2023

GITEX Global, the leading tech event in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, returns in 2023. From October 16th-20th, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, GITEX Global 2023 will bring together innovators, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts from around the globe to explore amazing advancements, discuss emerging trends, and shape the digital landscape.

GITEX Global 2023 is a unique platform that showcases the latest innovations, products, and services across various sectors, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G, smart cities, robotics, and more. With an impressive lineup of highly-regarded speakers, live demonstrations, networking opportunities, and engaging conferences, GITEX Global promises an immersive experience that transforms the way we live, work, and play.

Etisalat UAE, gold sponsor of Gitex Global, present with one of the largest booth stand in the trader center. Our partner in Dubai present our latest P2mm rental LED Sphere solution for the main eye-catching digital design, surrounding by three high resolution led strips, which used our iSoft flexible LED modules.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, officially opened GITEX GLOBAL, the world’s largest tech and startup show, on the inauguration of the 5-day super-connector event.
His Highness was accompanied by several dignitaries, including His Excellency Omar Sultan AlOlama, UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence and His Excellency Helal Al Marri, Director General of Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Department of Economy and Tourismrtment of Economy and Tourism.
On their tour they visited many of GITEX’s key exhibitors including Etisalat UAE, Huawei, Beyon, Salesforce, G42, Microsoft and IBM – technology leaders at the forefront of the global AI-enabled digital revolution.

JR Visual Tec P1.25mm 4K LED screen goes to Deep Dive Dubai

JR Visual TEC iDisc series is a great small pixel pitch LED display product for TV studios, control rooms, corporates, etc. With the features of less than 30mm thickness, 16:9 golden aspect ratio LED panel dimension, 100% front installation and service, HDR visual effect, it becomes more and more popular for the AV integrators.

The iDisc LED display product support directly wall mounting, or could be installed from rear side with simple steel structures, depends on the onsite conditions. A 4K P1.25mm LED screen combined with 8x8pcs LED panel, which make exactly 3840×2160 screen resolution.

Germany quality standard, as iDisc series PCB material is produced and delivered by Schweizer Electronic AG, as a result of stable quality and excellent visual performance. White color is always crucial for small pixel pitch LED screen, iDisc with pure white color performance won the applause from the client, best quality LED lamps offered.

For sure, client always expect a screen with great white color performance. But on the other hand, the contrast ratio is also important for a 4K LED screen, deep black screen improved the contrast ratio of the whole screen, and super flat!

From order to final installation, JR Visual TEC only spent 2 weeks to make it happen, that’s supper work efficiency, said by the client. We prepared regular stock of full set of 4K LED screen, which makes that we can make fast response after received requests.

Urgent request you may have, JR VISUAL would be a good option for you! And feel free to contact with us by email, info@jrvisualtec.com.