JR Visual Tec P1.25mm 4K LED screen goes to Deep Dive Dubai

JR Visual TEC iDisc series is a great small pixel pitch LED display product for TV studios, control rooms, corporates, etc. With the features of less than 30mm thickness, 16:9 golden aspect ratio LED panel dimension, 100% front installation and service, HDR visual effect, it becomes more and more popular for the AV integrators.

The iDisc LED display product support directly wall mounting, or could be installed from rear side with simple steel structures, depends on the onsite conditions. A 4K P1.25mm LED screen combined with 8x8pcs LED panel, which make exactly 3840×2160 screen resolution.

Germany quality standard, as iDisc series PCB material is produced and delivered by Schweizer Electronic AG, as a result of stable quality and excellent visual performance. White color is always crucial for small pixel pitch LED screen, iDisc with pure white color performance won the applause from the client, best quality LED lamps offered.

For sure, client always expect a screen with great white color performance. But on the other hand, the contrast ratio is also important for a 4K LED screen, deep black screen improved the contrast ratio of the whole screen, and super flat!

From order to final installation, JR Visual TEC only spent 2 weeks to make it happen, that’s supper work efficiency, said by the client. We prepared regular stock of full set of 4K LED screen, which makes that we can make fast response after received requests.

Urgent request you may have, JR VISUAL would be a good option for you! And feel free to contact with us by email, info@jrvisualtec.com.

JR VISUAL Flexible LED display goes to Manchester City FC

LED Tunnel delivered by JR VISUAL at the Etisalat directors box in the Etihad Stadium.


A leading telecom group in emerging markets, Etisalat Group is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its high credit ratings reflect the company’s strong balance sheet and proven long-term performance, which are reflected in its consolidated net revenue of AED 51.7 billion. Over four decades ago, Etisalat became the first telecommunications provider in the UAE and established its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. 155.4 million subscribers across the Middle East, Asia and Africa are served by Etisalat Group, a blue-chip organisation.


Manchester City Football Club plays in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. A football club named St. Mark’s (West Gorton) was founded in 1880, later becoming Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, and finally Manchester City in 1894. In 2003, the club relocated from Maine Road to the Etihad Stadium in east Manchester, where it has played since 1923. Sky blue home shirts were first adopted in 1894. They are the fifth-most successful English club in terms of League titles, FA Cups, League Cups, FA Community Shields, and European Cup Winners Cups. The club received a considerable amount of investment via the Abu Dhabi United Group and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2008 which has seen the ground install numerous LED screens around the stadium as well as the most expensive pitch side LED displays in the premier league.

THE LED Tunnel

JR VISUAL adopted their 2mm pixel pitch LED to create a custom LED arch that could display live feeds from the football matches as well as content created especially for visitors to the directors box. The LED display itself boasts a high resolution of 4,000 x 960 pixels and measures 8m x 1.92m in total.

JR Visual P1.8mm LED Column installed at Deep Dive Dubai


Deep Dive Dubai LED Column (YouTube video)

Deep Dive Dubai is a 60-metre (200 ft) deep diving pool in Dubai. Containing 14,000,000 liters (3,100,000 imp gal; 3,700,000 U.S. gal) of fresh water, it is the deepest swimming pool in the world. The structure has an area designed to resemble a ruined, sunken city, with walls, furnished rooms and a sunken car, and can also be used as an underwater film studio. The venue opened in July 2021.

From the design, production to final installation, JR Visual Tec offered a turnkey solution together with our partner Digilight in Dubai, with only 916mm diameter column, our iSoft flexible series LED display is a perfect product which suitable for such small column. And we offered 1.8mm high resolution, each column with size of 2.88×2.72m, screen resolution 1,548×1,462 dots.

With a combination of traditional steel cabinet and magnetic flexible LED modules, as a result of a seamless LED Column. For different project request, we could offer different pixel pitch and screen size, the min diameter could be only 509mm.

hoka transparent led display

JR Visual Indoor Transparent LED Display Goes to Hoka Store in Korea

Hoka One One (Pronounced hoka on-ay on-ay) is an athletic shoe company originating in France that designs and markets running shoes. The brand first gained attention in the running industry by producing shoes with oversized outsoles, dubbed “maximalist” shoes due to extra cushion; this was in contrast to the minimalist shoes trend that was gaining popularity at the time of the company’s founding in 2009.

The company was founded in 2009 in Annecy, France; it has been based in Richmond, California and its corporate headquarters are currently in Goleta, California. The company operates as subsidiary of Deckers Brands. The Brand President is Wendy Yang, who serves as President of the Deckers Performance Lifestyle Group, which includes the brands Teva and Sanuk.

transparent led display

New retail store of Hoka One One opened in Seoul, Korea at the beginning of December 2021, AV integrator designed a double sides curve transparent LED display from JR Visual, which is visible from all different viewing angle by the shoppers.  Two concave and two convex transparent LED display installed back to back, only 200mm thickness including the display part, due to the slim design of the transparent LED display.

transparent led display

Stay with high transparency rate, JR iTled keeps high resolution as well, offering solution with P3.9×7.8mm transparent LED display is a good balance of resolution and transparency rate. A 2x2m screen could shows vivid video and pictures content.

transparent led display

As there is strong lighting inside the shop, JR adopts high brightness version of 2,000 nits for this project, it’s a brightness between  indoor normal brightness and outdoor high brightness, which is enough for indoor use, visible with good visual performance even under strong light environment.

In 2022, JR Visual will continue to develop the technology of transparent LED display, and there will be more new products coming soon in the first season of the new year.

Currently all indoor transparent LED display products from JR VISUAL TEC passed TÜV EMC test, it will makes JR iTled product more and more approved in European market. Hope we can bring more value to our partners and clients.

iSoft Flexible LED Modules can do lots of things

First thing of flexible LED modules comes to our mind is that it makes curve screen, besides this, there are lots of other creative applications for this amazing product. The flexible screens are modular and are very easy to install, just clip the modules together with the steel frame. The possibilities of creation are unlimited.

In most cases, flexible LED display is used for fixed installation projects in shopping malls, showrooms, TV studios, etc. Actually it’s also a popular solution for rental events, especially for exhibition business. It’s easily to build a big curve screen with pre-made steel structure, unlike normal rental LED display with curve locks, needs to think about how to hang the screen and think about the screen angle, flexible LED modules just clip with the steel frame, done!

Concave and convex LED screen setup is just a piece of cake for flexible LED modules, consider a rotating curve screen would have more fun. For some famous shopping malls, luxury department store where needs a iconic display would needs this amazing solution, any size, any shape.

Recently we developed a new application for our iSoft flexible LED modules product, it turned out to be a wonderful solution for LED totem, with smooth curve display front side, 960x2160mm display size, and different resolution possible for variety of budgets. There is a big market require for this product, such as airports, casinos, shopping malls.

Last but no least, most applications for this product is making curve/round screens, it’s much easier for our integrators to make a simple frame according to their design, plus our LED modules and control system, make a creative LED display solution happen.

Be Creative with JR Flexible LED Display Solution

Super flexible and fantastic blacks, astonishing viewing angles JR VISUAL TEC iSoft and iFlex are limitless creative solutions for all your ingenious applications, such as showrooms, exhibition halls, museums, retail shops, TV studios, airports, schools etc. Magnetic fixings makes rigging a doddle and if you need to swap tiles this is done in only a few seconds. Manufactured to high tolerances to create super smooth hi-res displays.

iSoft Flexible LED module has a plastic and resin based construction with flexible rib sections allowing it to curve in one axis/plane for convex and concave curving situations. Minimum radius is 308mm, and only 8.6mm thickness. Modules could be easily attached on the steel frame, as a result of limitless creative shapes.

Connect with necessary power supplies, receiver, power/data cables and controller, it becomes a smooth curve screen.

Flexible LED modules provided the surface you are fixing to has magnetic properties, iSoft/iFlex easily attaches on concave and convex surfaces making it a breeze to create a seamless curved screen. At under 0.2kgs per tile it is light enough to fix to most surfaces for many creative applications.

Unlimited creative LED display, corners, curves and cubes

Presentations that engage, inform, and inspire, start with great content. And they’re displayed with an AV solution that delivers true color accuracy and bright, vibrant visuals, with JR VISUAL TEC LED display products, it works.

Display your content on corners and curves, giant video walls, ribbons, and pillars—it’s all possible.

Finding an indoor corner LED display solution, JR iBand, iSlim, FPP series could all fulfill your expectations. Wide range of pixel pitch options, different cabinet size available, and both normal and high brightness.

Looking for an outdoor corner LED screen proposal, JR PT, FY, FX series can realize that perfectly, especially PT series offers seamless 90 degree LED display solution, which makes a VR LED screen without no visible gap.

Also if you are looking for some curve or round LED display solution, with JR iFlex and iSoft series flexible LED display, it’s easily done. Due to it’s flexibilities, concave and convex LED screen is a piece of cake.

JR Visual Tec Transparent LED display goes to ATM 2021

The Leading Show for Inbound and Outbound Tourism Professionals
Arabian Travel Market (ATM), is the leading global event for the Middle East inbound and outbound travel industry. It is a great place for connecting with a global network of decision-makers, executives or to simply book a vacation trip in the travel industry and focusing on the Middle East inbound and outbound travel. The event provides an immense opportunity where travel meets trade which enables networking, negotiating and conducting business. It aims at providing an immense experience which the visitors can cherish forever and a platform to interact with customers and professionals. This event strives to foster a healthy environment for business to client or business to business organizations all across the globe. The event provides an immense opportunity where travel meets trade which enables networking, negotiating and conducting business. It aims at providing an immense experience which the visitors can cherish forever and a platform to interact with customers and professionals.

Thanks for the trust of the client, JR VISUAL TEC supplied 100sqm Transparent LED Display P3.9×7.8mm within only 12 days, featuring panel size 1000x500mm, 75% transparency rate, no visible power/data cables from the screen rear side, which makes it’s a perfect visual solution for booth design.

JR Visual provides new element for night club with transparent LED sphere

Since covid-19 was well controlled by China in last April, the economic and peoples’ daily activities back to normal, everything recovered in a fast way, including the night clubs. In the past few years, more and more night clubs are using LED display and LED lighting products for the decoration and stage background main screens. We are continuously developing new elements for the night clubs.

In 2020, we presents our customized transparent LED sphere/ball, with 10.4mm pixel pitch, and 3.8m diameter. From the first concept to final production, it takes around 3 months time. The whole transparent LED sphere/ball was divide into 4 parts, which could open and close during the events. After installed in the night clubs, plus the surrounding lighting and laser effect, creates a very unique and special visual effect. It definitely will attract more and more people and maximize the ROI.


As a professional LED display solution provider and manufacture, we will always take care of your request and delivery the best product and solution. For customized LED display solution, our sales team is ready for you.

JR Visual Launches newly developed Fine Pitch LED display

JR Visual has designed a range of products specially adapted for use in permanent installations- H series, 600×337.5mm(or 300×337.5mm) size LED panel. Based on the same philosophy; adaptable products that offer excellent visual quality and that are easy to install, maintain and use.

Sophisticated Fine Pitch LED screens when excellent visuals matters

Installing a fine pitch video screen is exacting environments, like corporate boardrooms, broadcast studios or control rooms just got easier.

The H series LED panels by JR Visual are developed to play into the demands for permanent video wall installations.

Uncomplicated installation, adaptable design and easy low-key and low-cost maintenance go hand in hand with high end performance and unequalled visual qualities.

Low cost of ownership

Using the H series LED panels servicing and maintenance are easy. No special trained staff is needed for the basic operation and servicing of the video screen. The modules have front service for easy replacement and the modular design saves on spare parts, reducing the maintenance costs.

Multiple options

Four different pixel pitch available for the H series, with standard 16:9 aspect ratio LED panel design, easy to set up Full HD and 2/4/8K LED video screen.

Wide range of Applications