JR VISUAL TEC P3.9mm LED display goes to KaDeWe department store in Berlin

We are happy to announce that JR VISUAL TEC will delivery a big indoor LED display to Berlin’s largest department store in September, 2020. Which will use iSlim series P3.9mm high brightness version, it’s a modular design product, with standard 500x500mm cabinet size, front service and installation, and more than 5,000nits brightness for day and night operation.

About KaDeWe:

The KaDeWe is Berlin’s largest and most famous department store. Its 60,000 square meters of retail space and gourmet floor attract visitors from all over the world.

Berlin’s most famous trademark department store is KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) – or “department store of the west”. It is Berlin’s shopping paradise, a favourite, easy to spot landmark on Wittenberg square. With 60,000 sqm, the equivalent of nine football fields, 380,000 articles, 40,000 visitors a day, this is the legendary, largest department store on the continent.

KaDeWe has been a Berlin institution for over one hundred years

The KaDeWe has survived the turmoil of 20th century German history unscathed. Beginning its commercial life in 1907, the store was a constant Berlin presence, its highs and lows reflecting those of the city. From World War I to the Golden Twenties consumer metropolis – the Depression and Nazi years and World War II – the Cold War and the 1950s “Wirtschaftswunder” – and finally German reunification in 1989. Through all the turbulence, KaDeWe retained its aura – somewhere between consumer temple and Berlin institution – intact. The store’s 100th anniversary was a grand occasion celebrated in its 500sqm foyer with a gigantic cake.

JR VISUAL TEC provides Hand Sanitizing Station & Thermometer Display for economic reopen

2020, it’s a special year for all of us. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) spreading all over the world, which affect our business and daily life a lot. In order to reduce the impact of continuously spreading coronavirus, many countries to choose to lock down the country and push citizens to stay at home. Recently, the situation in most of the counties become better, lock down was eased, and people are ready to back to work.

As the vaccine was not developed yet, people still need to protect themselves, such as washing hands frequently, keeping social distance etc. We are thinking is there anything we can do to protect people against the coronavirus, in the past 2 months, we developed our own Hand Sanitizing Station and Thermometer Display, with the function of auto hand sanitizing, temperature measuring, face recognition, pass management and attendance management.

Here are some advantages of our solution:

  1. Accurate temperature check. The final version was allowed to offer in the market only after long test in our factory, this is very important, otherwise it’s a useless device.
  2. Use friendly software and web platform.
  3. Mature product with fast delivery, regular stock available for 3-5 days delivery time
  4. Possible to offer customized solution and build up customized platform with their own could and server, due to the date protection law of different countries, face recognition is a serious point.

For more details, feel free to drop us a line or mail to us.

Stay safe, and stay strong!!!

JR Visual Tec delivered high quality LED Screen to Morgan Stanley

In 2019, JR Visual Tec had cooperated with some big brands worldwide, including Morgen Stanley, Boeing, Nike etc. Featuring JRVT best in class indoor LED display product, Morgan Stanley choose iBand series P1.9mm high resolution LED screen used for their reception area. 

iBand series is JRVT flagship LED display for indoor fixed installation and best-selling fixed install product, seeing over 300% growth in 2019. With the advantages of thin cabinet depth, wide range of pixel pitch down to 1.9mm, and flexible cabinet size 1000x250mm, 750x250mm and 500x250mm, aim to fulfill all different size requirements.

For similar request, feel fee to contact with our sales team via info@jrvisualtec.com.

JR VISUAL TEC Integrates the Newest LED Display Technology to Fashion shops in Germany

Fashion, architecture, LED technology

With the benefits of LED technology, more and more fashion shops start to choose LED display as their digital solution of brands presentation and advertising. Besides this, with an exclusive architectural image that incorporates the latest technology aimed at satisfying the new buying experience of the client.

Recently we had worked together with our Germany partner on the LED display projects for the fashion brands. From original design to final project commission, we offered high quality LED display with latest technology to the clients. The fashion brands which had integrated our LED display products including Oberpollinger, SiNN, Whorl, Ansons, Levis, Eterna and BVB Fan Shop etc.

Solution we had offered including 2.6mm LED display with normal 1,000nits & 3,000nits high brightness, 2.9mm LED display with 2,000nits, and 3,9mm LED display with normal 1,200nits & 3,000nits high brightness. All of them are front service and installation with latest technology.

Once inside the store, the space becomes dynamic, thanks to the large sized LED screen integrated behind the glass windows,  creates an aesthetic effect without frames.

The buying experience starts before entering the store, a high resolution 2.6mm LED display is in front of the consumers, catching the attention of the passers-by with a unique content.

Who did the transparent LED display for Rolls Royce Boutique in City Walk Dubai?

Right now, there are many companies claimed that the Rolls Royce Boutique transparent LED display project in City Walk Dubai was did by themselves, we feel necessary to write the whole story.

In 2015, we get initially request from one designer in UK, due to the headquarter of Rolls Royce is located in UK, we presented our suggestion with 16mm transparent LED display behind the glass windows, one side, high transparency ratio was assured, more than 70%, on the other side, it’s a 6,000 nits LED screen, which is quite necessary in hot city Dubai has strong sunlights. Below is the draft design.

After one year passed, the project was won by one local integrator in Dubai. When the GM  is searching the right partner in China, our sales director John told him the whole story, the solution was exactly offered by us. We quickly closed the deal with 1 week, and agreed with fast delivery time within one month, even it’s a new product which had never produced before, as we adopt some new design into the product.

In October 2016, our technical team helped the installation as well, more installation and onsite photos shows below:


3 years later, we came on site to check the screen, the screen is still working perfectly shows the new Luxury Cullinan SUV car from Rolls Royce. During the previous 2 years warranty time, we also arrange instant after sale service, our client in Dubai is quite happy with this.

If you have similar LED display project, feel free to contact with our sales team, info@jrvisualtec.com. Thanks

JR Visual Tec launches World’s highest resolution LED Floor

11 years ago,  JR Visual Tec present P31.25mm LED floor in the market, SMD5050 had  been used at that time.  With the technology developed, the LED  lamps becomes smaller and smaller, which makes small pixel pitch LED Floor possible.

When SMD3535 comes into the market, we developed P7.8mm LED Floor.

When SMD1921 comes into the market, we developed P4.8mm LED Floor.

When SMD1010 comes into the market, we developed the world’s high  resolution  P1.6mm LED Floor.

Together with  the newly developed LED Floor, an intelligent  leveling structure is come up with a perfect combination. Carbon fiber material makes the whole system with light weight, on the other hand, bearing capacity up to 1,200kg per sqm.

Besides 1.6mm LED Floor, there are also other pixel pitch available for the same system, such as 2.6mm, 3.9mm and 4.8mm.

In the past, the live event market demands LED floor with pixel pitch more than 4mm, due to the main purpose for live broadcasting, the shooting camera is far away from the stage.

Now with the increasing request of showroom demonstrating, with only one person height viewing distance, pixel pitch under 2mm is very necessary. As a LED Floor manufacture leader in Shenzhen, China, the new solution with 1.6mm LED floor would be popular for some high end showrooms, control rooms, used for studios, military based control room, companies headquarters, etc.


JR VISUAL TEC continues to delivery new LED screen solution for Saudia Airlines

After 2 years good cooperation with Saudia Airlines for different events in KSA and UAE, JR Visual Tec continues to delivery new LED screen solution for the new events(ATM2019) in Dubai this month. Arabian Travel Market (ATM), is the leading global event for the Middle East inbound and outbound travel industry for the last 25 years. The event generates more than $2.5 billion of travel industry deals.

To prepare this event, we had discussed with Pico team in Dubai to present a perfect rental solution for the booth stand. The key is the mirror in the ceiling. The magic happens, all the screens looks like doubled, in total, there are more than 18.5 millions pixels for the whole screens. Including 120sqm P2.9mm indoor high resolution LED screen, 80sqm P4.8mm LED floor and 30sqm P3.9-7.8mm indoor transparent LED display.

With the magic effect of mirror, the booth is amazing with a combination with high resolution screen, LED floor and transparent LED display, check out the photos below, the best stand in ATM 2019.


JR Visual Tec Indoor Rental LED display goes to Qatar Motor Show 2018

Qatar Motor Show is celebrating its 8th edition with its ‘Driving to innovation’ theme that will help bring to enthusiast in Qatar the latest trends and technologies from the global automotive scene. The event is set to take place from the 17 – 21 October 2018 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

LED screen is now an essential element of Motor Show, and the requirement of LED screen will be used is high quality level, all these screens will be used for high end car brand. So proud that JR Visual Tec 3.9mm LED display was bided for Mecerdez-Benz and Mitsubishi stand, total 400 panels, 10pcs Novastar VX4S controllers used. which presented a wonderful background screen for details demonstration.

JR Visual Tec Transparent LED display goes to Oslo Gardermoen airport

Installed in 2016, 18sqm JR Visual Tec P10mm indoor transparent LED display works perfectly so far, which used for advertising and information communication between the airport and city.

The main advantages of indoor transparent LED display is high transparency, light weight, and high brightness, could be widely used in airports, showrooms, shopping mall, corporates, etc.

Solution offered could be customized as we have strong R&D team, your business will be benefited from this.

JR Visual Tec offers customized stair LED display worldwide

Stair LED display is a specific application of LED display products, mainly used in shopping malls, or hired for some events. Even though it has small request in the market, we take care of all details of the hardware and software.

In the past two years, we had offered stair LED display for Saudia Airlines event ATM2018, Etisalt Telecommunication Group, and Mediamarket supermarket in Europe.

There are different pixel pitch options for stair LED display, from 3mm to 10mm, size could be customized according to each project. We are confident to offer you good purchase experience if you had similar request.