JR VISUAL TEC offers professional LED display solution for lobby

The defining element of the tower lobby and the focal point for both tenants and visitors is the big LED screen, that’s true. LED display products had been widely used for hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping malls, corporates, fashion shops, modern buildings, etc, the panoramic motion art wall with striking impact on the building design.

JR VISUAL TEC offers outstanding visibility LED display product, different brightness level for various installation places, instantly captivating attention and effectively delivering right content. A high refresh rate of 3,840HZ assures the smooth playback of content. The flicker-free image prevents the black bars that occur from video shooting, as well as eye strain and blurred vision in viewers.

The product offers both front access and rear access, allowing customers to choose according to their installation environment and minimizing limitations in installation and maintenance.

16-bit color processing provides a higher greyscale level, which seamlessly displays different depths and densities of colors without distortion, thereby giving a more realistic and vivid image. A 1m² LED display weighs only 24kg, keeping a full set of screens lightweight and reducing strain on the structure holding them.