JR Visual Tec P1.25mm 4K LED screen goes to Deep Dive Dubai

JR Visual TEC iDisc series is a great small pixel pitch LED display product for TV studios, control rooms, corporates, etc. With the features of less than 30mm thickness, 16:9 golden aspect ratio LED panel dimension, 100% front installation and service, HDR visual effect, it becomes more and more popular for the AV integrators.

The iDisc LED display product support directly wall mounting, or could be installed from rear side with simple steel structures, depends on the onsite conditions. A 4K P1.25mm LED screen combined with 8x8pcs LED panel, which make exactly 3840×2160 screen resolution.

Germany quality standard, as iDisc series PCB material is produced and delivered by Schweizer Electronic AG, as a result of stable quality and excellent visual performance. White color is always crucial for small pixel pitch LED screen, iDisc with pure white color performance won the applause from the client, best quality LED lamps offered.

For sure, client always expect a screen with great white color performance. But on the other hand, the contrast ratio is also important for a 4K LED screen, deep black screen improved the contrast ratio of the whole screen, and super flat!

From order to final installation, JR Visual TEC only spent 2 weeks to make it happen, that’s supper work efficiency, said by the client. We prepared regular stock of full set of 4K LED screen, which makes that we can make fast response after received requests.

Urgent request you may have, JR VISUAL would be a good option for you! And feel free to contact with us by email, info@jrvisualtec.com.