Indoor & Outdoor Fixed Installation LED Display

JR Visual Tec has provided LED Screens for over 50 countries in worldwide market.
Our range of robust and reliable modular LED Screens are perfect for all outdoor applications. With the latest LED technology, they look clear and brilliant under direct sunlight and our displays are custom designed to work without external cooling and air-condition systems in outdoor environments.

Here are the main advantages of our outdoor LED display products:

  • Wide Pixel Pitch Range
    Our Outdoor LED Display products features a wide pixel pitch range starting from 2.6mm to 25mm
  • Low Power Consumption
    We have reduced our environmental footprint in ways others can’t. For starters, a highly efficient LEDs management reduces the amount of power wasted when bringing electricity to the LED tiles.
  • High Brightness (≥6,000nits )
    JR Visual Tec LED Screens are brighter and sharper than ever before. Even in desert sunlight, brighter sunny days in Middle East which are the most challenging environmental light condition for any LED Screens.
  • High Refresh Rate (≥3,840 Hz)
    Refresh Rate defines how many times the content on the LED display repeats in each second. JR Visual Tec LED Displays proposed for this project are designed with refresh rate ≥3,840 HZ which eliminates the image twinkling effect and makes it comfortable for the human eyes to keep watching the display during day & night.
  • SCREWLESS Front and Rear Maintainability
    Our LED displays are designed for fast and easy maintenance from both front and rear.
  • Uniform Color & High Contrast
    Our LED Screens are built with first-selection LEDs. LED’s are selected with just a few nanometers tolerance in color-wavelength, to ensure 100% color uniformity.
  • High Precision Construction – Quick and Painless Installation
    Superior engineering means a faster installation. All our LED displays are engineered with high precision which makes the LED display installation very easy, fast and without any errors and gap between cabinets.
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