16.3″/18.9″/23.6″/34.9″ LCD Shelf Display

An innovative, new digital signage solution that integrates seamlessly into your retail environment.

JR LCD Shelf Display is a ground-breaking in-store solution that directly link the digital experience to the brick and mortar retail environment. The shelves provide clients with the ability to differentiate themselves within the cluttered retail environment, and most importantly, have proven to drive incremental sales lift for our clients.

Real Time Connectivity

Each LCD shelf has an integrated Android system, this allows wifi and USB connection, so they’re always accurate and up to date.

High Stability

Anti-moisture, condensationg wiped directly
Anti-dust, easier for cleaning
Aluminum frame, light and durable
Easily and fast installation with magnet and clip design

SoStron Cloud Portal

Manage display content easily. With a rich user interface, the SoStron Cloud portal lets you manage display pricing, ads, messages & product info displayed on LCD shelves display across all your locations.


Improved effectiveness of at-the-shelf marketing and merchandising

  • Generate advertising revenue by advertising specials, competitive, and complementary brands at the shelf.
  • Display messages for missing product, alternatives and expected replenishment dates.
  • Use videos to enhance product information.

Delivering an enhanced shopping experience to consumers

  • Implement price updates instantly across one or multiple stores, making execution of promotions a snap.
  • Deliver relevant messaging to consumers at the shelf for a more satisfying shopping experience.
  • Deliver coupons at-the-shelf to make the most of promotions.

Improved operational efficiency

  • Streamlined restocking activities with visual indications of which products belong on which shelves.
  • Dynamically adjust pricing to accommodate special promotions, in-store marketing tests and limited-time-only deals.
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