JR Visual Tec finished the transparent LED display installation in Rolls Royce showroom, Dubai

We are very proud to offer the transparent LED display products for the newly finished Rolls Royce showroom in Dubai.

The showroom located in a crossroad at City Walk, near Dubai mall, there are thousands of card passing by everyday, it’s a perfect advertising area for products and brands promotion. After high eye-impact transparent LED display installed inside the RR showroom, there are lots of visitors and clients stopped and see the magic transparent LED screen, we wish more and more business will come for Rolls Royce.

The screen used is 16mm pixel pitch, drivers could see the screen in a far distance. Transparency is more than 80%, which makes interior light is like normal. Up to 6,000nits, the screen has a perfect performance even in the daytime. With nice and clear design, the screen looks good on the back side as well, which match to the brand of luxury.