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JR Visual P0.9mm flexible LED display goes to Verizon London Hub

When it comes to a concave LED screen request, usually it was suggested to do by flat LED screen with curve-able locks, in this way, it will be a faceted LED wall. But if you know our iSoft series, the problem is perfectly solved, it’s flexible LED module with rubber material, flexible enough in different direction. More important, small pixel pitch with high resolution available, which can match the high end request from TV studios and corporates showrooms, etc.

In 2022, we delivered a more than 4k resolution P0.9mm flexible LED screen to Verizon Showroom in London, with screen size 4560x2400mm, and resolution @4864×2560 pixels, plus the powerful Novastar H5 controller, as you can see, it’s a perfect smooth curve screen, and high refresh rate @4096HZ.

Recently we noticed that there are some other companies claimed that the project is done by themselves, definitely it’s not true, here is the photo shows our sales director Mr. John Shaw went to Verizon London Hub for support during the installation.

iSoft P1.5mm screen goes to VASILCHUKI Chaihona №1 in Moscow Airport

A new concept of video screens for a modern establishment from the Vasilchukov brothers – Chaikhona No. 1 at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport was implemented by our team. The screens are completely designed and implemented according to the customer’s design project. Features of the project include a flexible module with a pixel pitch of only 1.5 mm, which required high-precision production of metal structures and a special method for assembling screens. In addition, the surfaces of the screens represent 14 autonomous zones for broadcasting streaming video, and the screens can instantly turn into one large creative screen. The project was implemented in such a way that every visitor could choose a broadcast to their taste anywhere in the establishment.

Project characteristics:
Pixel pitch 1.5 mm
Screen area: 40 m2
Number of pixels: 13.5 million
Broadcast system: 14 streaming channels

JR Visual iSoft flexible LED display goes to Bentley Cube in Seoul March 2023

March 09 ,2023,Seoul -Bentley Seoul unveiled the Bentley Cube ,a new retail concept by Bentley exemplifying a contemporary luxury lifestyle in Cheongdam , Seoul. The grand opening of the first Bentley retail concept premieres a new design concept which will influence future Bentley retail concepts around the world.

The Bentley Cube presents a luxury lifestyle destination for Bentley customers in the heart of Seoul’s most exclusive fashion district. At the Batur Studio Suite within the Bentley Cube, customers will be able to create their very own bespoke Bentley through Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, while the Azure Lounge provides an exclusive space for customers to relax and network.

Hanjoon Kim, CEO of Charmzone Automotive, said, “The opening of the Bentley Cube marks a new chapter for extraordinary customer journeys in Korea, and builds upon a major milestone for exclusive customer experiences through the Bentley Seoul Membership program launched last year with the opening of the Bentley Tower in Seoul. With the Bentley Cube, Charmzone Automotive will establish Bentley as a leading luxury lifestyle brand in Korea, backed by our expertise in being one of the first luxury car brands to enter Korea in 2006, and in leading the Korean luxury car market for the past 17 years.”

Korea was the top performing and fastest growing market for Bentley in the Asia Pacific region last year with 775 deliveries. With the S and Azure model introductions in Korea this year, it provided more choices to customers.

As a LED display manufacturer, we are proud to with our partner in Korea to offer high resolution P1.8mm curve LED screen to Bentley Cube, cover 1st floor to 4th floor. iSoft series flexible LED modules is one of the hot sale product in recent years, benefit of it’s flexibility and wide range of pixel pitch options, starts from P0.9mm, which can cover most of the curve LED screen projects, even full LED cylinder.


JR VISUAL Flexible LED display goes to Manchester City FC

LED Tunnel delivered by JR VISUAL at the Etisalat directors box in the Etihad Stadium.


A leading telecom group in emerging markets, Etisalat Group is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its high credit ratings reflect the company’s strong balance sheet and proven long-term performance, which are reflected in its consolidated net revenue of AED 51.7 billion. Over four decades ago, Etisalat became the first telecommunications provider in the UAE and established its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. 155.4 million subscribers across the Middle East, Asia and Africa are served by Etisalat Group, a blue-chip organisation.


Manchester City Football Club plays in the Premier League, the top tier of English football. A football club named St. Mark’s (West Gorton) was founded in 1880, later becoming Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, and finally Manchester City in 1894. In 2003, the club relocated from Maine Road to the Etihad Stadium in east Manchester, where it has played since 1923. Sky blue home shirts were first adopted in 1894. They are the fifth-most successful English club in terms of League titles, FA Cups, League Cups, FA Community Shields, and European Cup Winners Cups. The club received a considerable amount of investment via the Abu Dhabi United Group and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2008 which has seen the ground install numerous LED screens around the stadium as well as the most expensive pitch side LED displays in the premier league.

THE LED Tunnel

JR VISUAL adopted their 2mm pixel pitch LED to create a custom LED arch that could display live feeds from the football matches as well as content created especially for visitors to the directors box. The LED display itself boasts a high resolution of 4,000 x 960 pixels and measures 8m x 1.92m in total.

JR Visual Tec flexible LED display goes to Stateside Sports in Australia

JR Visual Tec flexible LED display goes to Stateside Sports retail shops in Sydney, Australia. It’s a 6.25mm product, resolution is good enough to shows promoting message for the retail shop, the minimum height of one single LED ring is 125mm.

With the advantages of flexibility, Hard Flex series flexible LED display could be widely used as concave and convex LED display, or round LED display, the applications could cover retail shops advertising, different showrooms decoration, TV studios, casinos, hotels, Duty Free and airports, exhibition stands, etc. There are different pixel pitch available, from 2.6mm to 6.25mm, high resolution to make HD screens, create impact visual effect.

Jumbotron, from design to installation, we delivered a turnkey solution.

After installation, the owner is quite satisfied with the performance and visual result, the rest new chain stores will apply with the same design, and same with our flexible LED display.

JR Visual Tec HD Flexible LED display goes to high end Meeting room

JR Visual Tec HD flexible LED display is quite mature product in the market, unlike other flexible LED display supplier, we spent lot of time, energy and effort on developing this product, so far the minimum pixel pitch is 1.6mm, no one else could provide that.
Because the advantages of high resolution, endless flexible possibiliy, stable quality and performance, the product is trust by our client in USA, we provided 2.5mm flexible LED display for the high end meeting room, the smooth curved LED screen was exactly the client expected, it was highly spoked by the end user.

Below pictures from onsite: