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JR Visual P0.9mm flexible LED display goes to Verizon London Hub

When it comes to a concave LED screen request, usually it was suggested to do by flat LED screen with curve-able locks, in this way, it will be a faceted LED wall. But if you know our iSoft series, the problem is perfectly solved, it’s flexible LED module with rubber material, flexible enough in different direction. More important, small pixel pitch with high resolution available, which can match the high end request from TV studios and corporates showrooms, etc.

In 2022, we delivered a more than 4k resolution P0.9mm flexible LED screen to Verizon Showroom in London, with screen size 4560x2400mm, and resolution @4864×2560 pixels, plus the powerful Novastar H5 controller, as you can see, it’s a perfect smooth curve screen, and high refresh rate @4096HZ.

Recently we noticed that there are some other companies claimed that the project is done by themselves, definitely it’s not true, here is the photo shows our sales director Mr. John Shaw went to Verizon London Hub for support during the installation.