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JR Visual Tec high resolution LED screen goes to Saudia Airlines

At the beginning of 2018, JR Visual Tec high resolution indoor and outdoor LED screen goes to Saudia Airlines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, including 400 pcs LED tiles of 2.6mm indoor high resolution LED screen and 60pcs LED tiles of 3.9 outdoor LED screen. From production to final commissioning of the project, we offered a turnkey solution for the clients.

Check out the video from our client:

It’s a quite tough project for us, we only had half month for the production, especially before Chinese New Year, it’s almost a impossible job for us, but finally we did it after all kinds of efforts from our side. Once the goods are packed and delivered on the road, our technical team is already to do the installation in Riyadh. At the end, from production to final installation, we only spend 23 days, this high efficiency performance was highly complimented by the client.

There are few different screens included, such as

3.9mm outdoor pillar LED screen

2.6mm indoor pillar LED screen

2.6mm indoor 90 degree angle LED screen

2.6mm indoor concave LED screen

JR Visual Tec HD Flexible LED display goes to high end Meeting room

JR Visual Tec HD flexible LED display is quite mature product in the market, unlike other flexible LED display supplier, we spent lot of time, energy and effort on developing this product, so far the minimum pixel pitch is 1.6mm, no one else could provide that.
Because the advantages of high resolution, endless flexible possibiliy, stable quality and performance, the product is trust by our client in USA, we provided 2.5mm flexible LED display for the high end meeting room, the smooth curved LED screen was exactly the client expected, it was highly spoked by the end user.

Below pictures from onsite: