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JR Visual P1.8mm LED Column installed at Deep Dive Dubai


Deep Dive Dubai LED Column (YouTube video)

Deep Dive Dubai is a 60-metre (200 ft) deep diving pool in Dubai. Containing 14,000,000 liters (3,100,000 imp gal; 3,700,000 U.S. gal) of fresh water, it is the deepest swimming pool in the world. The structure has an area designed to resemble a ruined, sunken city, with walls, furnished rooms and a sunken car, and can also be used as an underwater film studio. The venue opened in July 2021.

From the design, production to final installation, JR Visual Tec offered a turnkey solution together with our partner Digilight in Dubai, with only 916mm diameter column, our iSoft flexible series LED display is a perfect product which suitable for such small column. And we offered 1.8mm high resolution, each column with size of 2.88×2.72m, screen resolution 1,548×1,462 dots.

With a combination of traditional steel cabinet and magnetic flexible LED modules, as a result of a seamless LED Column. For different project request, we could offer different pixel pitch and screen size, the min diameter could be only 509mm.

A spotlight on the corporate market

With the demand for higher resolution, clearer detail and an uninterrupted canvas, Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED continues to be the product of choice for large scale applications, particularly in corporate installations.

The demand for a sub 2mm pixel pitch display is becoming ever more popular due to the resolution it can achieve within a smaller canvas size. The advancements in LED technology has meant that it can venture into markets where previously it may not have been suitable, such as corporate installations, where historically video wall and large format displays were used. LED has an array of key features that make for the perfect boardroom, reception and atrium display, without compromise.

A Seamless Viewing Experience

Where LED is being used for corporate presentations it is essential that the content is conveyed clearly and accurately, as studies show that high quality visual content adds to the effectiveness and influence of a presentation. For corporate applications, as in any install, it is essential that the product can deliver the ultimate image performance. With the advanced LED High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology adds clarity and sophistication to produce natural colour to deliver a detailed and realistic picture.

With LED, static information can be displayed without any risk as it does not suffer from image burn or image retention. LED is also bezel free, meaning your audience can see your content without any interruptions.

Low Maintenance and Reliability

Requirements of display products used in corporate environments often include; a low maintenance solution, low power consumption, operating temperatures and running costs. This can all be achieved with an LED display. LED displays are highly reliable, designed for 24/7 usage, built from high quality parts down to component level, providing a low maintenance solution with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Where the screens are in constant use, it is essential for corporate companies to try and keep the power usage down.

Unlike other display technologies, LED does not suffer catastrophic display failure; pixel failure can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Install & Set-up

Where space is a premium, LED provides the slim depth often needed. With JR Visual Tec NPP series, it can be installed on walls requiring only 100mm of space, saving up to 80% of installation space compared to other display technologies.


While being used in a corporate application, the display must be silent in order not to distract audiences from the presentation or meeting. As LED is fanless, it provides completely silent operation, meaning it can be used in any environment without distraction.


JR VISUAL TEC Assessment Centre offers the largest selection of LED available to view in one location, in real life application sizes, with wide range solutions of LED display products.


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