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JR VISUAL TEC provides Hand Sanitizing Station & Thermometer Display for economic reopen

2020, it’s a special year for all of us. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) spreading all over the world, which affect our business and daily life a lot. In order to reduce the impact of continuously spreading coronavirus, many countries to choose to lock down the country and push citizens to stay at home. Recently, the situation in most of the counties become better, lock down was eased, and people are ready to back to work.

As the vaccine was not developed yet, people still need to protect themselves, such as washing hands frequently, keeping social distance etc. We are thinking is there anything we can do to protect people against the coronavirus, in the past 2 months, we developed our own Hand Sanitizing Station and Thermometer Display, with the function of auto hand sanitizing, temperature measuring, face recognition, pass management and attendance management.

Here are some advantages of our solution:

  1. Accurate temperature check. The final version was allowed to offer in the market only after long test in our factory, this is very important, otherwise it’s a useless device.
  2. Use friendly software and web platform.
  3. Mature product with fast delivery, regular stock available for 3-5 days delivery time
  4. Possible to offer customized solution and build up customized platform with their own could and server, due to the date protection law of different countries, face recognition is a serious point.

For more details, feel free to drop us a line or mail to us.

Stay safe, and stay strong!!!