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StarLink Series P3.9mm Transparent LED display delivered to COP28 in Dubai

Tree of Life…a virtual artwork that dazzles COP28 attendees

The Tree of Life, in the Energy Center, is the first interactive artwork in the world that uses artificial intelligence techniques and symbolizes environmental sustainability in a contemporary way

The design of this artwork is inspired by Ghaf, a local tree that grows in the UAE and is famous for its ability to thrive in harsh conditions.

The Tree of Life is an interactive digital work of art using artificial intelligence technology, and reflects the importance of art and technology in raising awareness of environmental issues and climate change, and calls for urgent action to preserve our planet.

At the bottom of the innovative tree, there is a screen where the user places an environmental pledge, in different fields.

The main specification of the digital tree of life:

  • StarLink Series P3.9mm pixel pitch
  • 3,000nits brightness
  • 80% visual transparency rate
  • Only 1.8mm thickness

JR Visual Renewed the transparent LED display in Rolls Royce Boutique City Walk

In August, 2023, we complete the renew work of the transparent LED display for Rolls Royce in Dubai City Walk. Previous P16mm transparent LED display had been worked fine in the past 7 years. The new screen with higher resolution of 10mm pixel pitch, whole screen resolution increased by 2.4 times.

Our standard LED panel size is 1000x500mm and 1000x1000mm, which will not fit the request screen size. So we had to offer customize cabinet size of 960x960mm, then exactly suitable for the current glass windows.

6,000nits Brightness is totally fine for day and night operation, important for cities with strong sunlight like Dubai.


hoka transparent led display

JR Visual Indoor Transparent LED Display Goes to Hoka Store in Korea

Hoka One One (Pronounced hoka on-ay on-ay) is an athletic shoe company originating in France that designs and markets running shoes. The brand first gained attention in the running industry by producing shoes with oversized outsoles, dubbed “maximalist” shoes due to extra cushion; this was in contrast to the minimalist shoes trend that was gaining popularity at the time of the company’s founding in 2009.

The company was founded in 2009 in Annecy, France; it has been based in Richmond, California and its corporate headquarters are currently in Goleta, California. The company operates as subsidiary of Deckers Brands. The Brand President is Wendy Yang, who serves as President of the Deckers Performance Lifestyle Group, which includes the brands Teva and Sanuk.

transparent led display

New retail store of Hoka One One opened in Seoul, Korea at the beginning of December 2021, AV integrator designed a double sides curve transparent LED display from JR Visual, which is visible from all different viewing angle by the shoppers.  Two concave and two convex transparent LED display installed back to back, only 200mm thickness including the display part, due to the slim design of the transparent LED display.

transparent led display

Stay with high transparency rate, JR iTled keeps high resolution as well, offering solution with P3.9×7.8mm transparent LED display is a good balance of resolution and transparency rate. A 2x2m screen could shows vivid video and pictures content.

transparent led display

As there is strong lighting inside the shop, JR adopts high brightness version of 2,000 nits for this project, it’s a brightness between  indoor normal brightness and outdoor high brightness, which is enough for indoor use, visible with good visual performance even under strong light environment.

In 2022, JR Visual will continue to develop the technology of transparent LED display, and there will be more new products coming soon in the first season of the new year.

Currently all indoor transparent LED display products from JR VISUAL TEC passed TÜV EMC test, it will makes JR iTled product more and more approved in European market. Hope we can bring more value to our partners and clients.

Who did the transparent LED display for Rolls Royce Boutique in City Walk Dubai?

Right now, there are many companies claimed that the Rolls Royce Boutique transparent LED display project in City Walk Dubai was did by themselves, we feel necessary to write the whole story.

In 2015, we get initially request from one designer in UK, due to the headquarter of Rolls Royce is located in UK, we presented our suggestion with 16mm transparent LED display behind the glass windows, one side, high transparency ratio was assured, more than 70%, on the other side, it’s a 6,000 nits LED screen, which is quite necessary in hot city Dubai has strong sunlights. Below is the draft design.

After one year passed, the project was won by one local integrator in Dubai. When the GM  is searching the right partner in China, our sales director John told him the whole story, the solution was exactly offered by us. We quickly closed the deal with 1 week, and agreed with fast delivery time within one month, even it’s a new product which had never produced before, as we adopt some new design into the product.

In October 2016, our technical team helped the installation as well, more installation and onsite photos shows below:


3 years later, we came on site to check the screen, the screen is still working perfectly shows the new Luxury Cullinan SUV car from Rolls Royce. During the previous 2 years warranty time, we also arrange instant after sale service, our client in Dubai is quite happy with this.

If you have similar LED display project, feel free to contact with our sales team, info@jrvisualtec.com. Thanks