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JR VISUAL Smallest pixel pitch transparent LED display goes to F1 in Jeddah

Do you know the smallest pixel pitch transparent LED display in the market?

It’s our StarLink series P2.5mm pixel pitch, with 160,000 pixels per sqm size, with around 52 sqm size can reach more than 4K resolution. Besides this, it has a 70% visual transparency rate, this is what we can’t image without the new LED&IC packed in one technology, the PCB can be made with higher transparency in this way, no need to mount separate IC driver component on the PCB back side, maximize the transparency rate from both front and rear side.

With a screen size 2x2m StarLink transparent LED display, as a result of 800×800 pixels screen resolution, which can show good video content.

We are happy that this amazing technology could go to the amazing F1 event in Jeddah Paddock club. Apart of this installation, our flexible LED display had been installed in the central fan zone, an amazing LED Tunnel setup in the central area.

Really hope the visitors can enjoy the VIP experience during the stay, enjoy the fast feed and the latest LED display technology.