iSoft Flexible LED Modules can do lots of things

First thing of flexible LED modules comes to our mind is that it makes curve screen, besides this, there are lots of other creative applications for this amazing product. The flexible screens are modular and are very easy to install, just clip the modules together with the steel frame. The possibilities of creation are unlimited.

In most cases, flexible LED display is used for fixed installation projects in shopping malls, showrooms, TV studios, etc. Actually it’s also a popular solution for rental events, especially for exhibition business. It’s easily to build a big curve screen with pre-made steel structure, unlike normal rental LED display with curve locks, needs to think about how to hang the screen and think about the screen angle, flexible LED modules just clip with the steel frame, done!

Concave and convex LED screen setup is just a piece of cake for flexible LED modules, consider a rotating curve screen would have more fun. For some famous shopping malls, luxury department store where needs a iconic display would needs this amazing solution, any size, any shape.

Recently we developed a new application for our iSoft flexible LED modules product, it turned out to be a wonderful solution for LED totem, with smooth curve display front side, 960x2160mm display size, and different resolution possible for variety of budgets. There is a big market require for this product, such as airports, casinos, shopping malls.

Last but no least, most applications for this product is making curve/round screens, it’s much easier for our integrators to make a simple frame according to their design, plus our LED modules and control system, make a creative LED display solution happen.