Be Creative with JR Flexible LED Display Solution

Super flexible and fantastic blacks, astonishing viewing angles JR VISUAL TEC iSoft and iFlex are limitless creative solutions for all your ingenious applications, such as showrooms, exhibition halls, museums, retail shops, TV studios, airports, schools etc. Magnetic fixings makes rigging a doddle and if you need to swap tiles this is done in only a few seconds. Manufactured to high tolerances to create super smooth hi-res displays.

iSoft Flexible LED module has a plastic and resin based construction with flexible rib sections allowing it to curve in one axis/plane for convex and concave curving situations. Minimum radius is 308mm, and only 8.6mm thickness. Modules could be easily attached on the steel frame, as a result of limitless creative shapes.

Connect with necessary power supplies, receiver, power/data cables and controller, it becomes a smooth curve screen.

Flexible LED modules provided the surface you are fixing to has magnetic properties, iSoft/iFlex easily attaches on concave and convex surfaces making it a breeze to create a seamless curved screen. At under 0.2kgs per tile it is light enough to fix to most surfaces for many creative applications.