JR Visual Launches newly developed Fine Pitch LED display

JR Visual has designed a range of products specially adapted for use in permanent installations- H series, 600×337.5mm(or 300×337.5mm) size LED panel. Based on the same philosophy; adaptable products that offer excellent visual quality and that are easy to install, maintain and use.

Sophisticated Fine Pitch LED screens when excellent visuals matters

Installing a fine pitch video screen is exacting environments, like corporate boardrooms, broadcast studios or control rooms just got easier.

The H series LED panels by JR Visual are developed to play into the demands for permanent video wall installations.

Uncomplicated installation, adaptable design and easy low-key and low-cost maintenance go hand in hand with high end performance and unequalled visual qualities.

Low cost of ownership

Using the H series LED panels servicing and maintenance are easy. No special trained staff is needed for the basic operation and servicing of the video screen. The modules have front service for easy replacement and the modular design saves on spare parts, reducing the maintenance costs.

Multiple options

Four different pixel pitch available for the H series, with standard 16:9 aspect ratio LED panel design, easy to set up Full HD and 2/4/8K LED video screen.

Wide range of Applications