JR Visual provides new element for night club with transparent LED sphere

Since covid-19 was well controlled by China in last April, the economic and peoples’ daily activities back to normal, everything recovered in a fast way, including the night clubs. In the past few years, more and more night clubs are using LED display and LED lighting products for the decoration and stage background main screens. We are continuously developing new elements for the night clubs.

In 2020, we presents our customized transparent LED sphere/ball, with 10.4mm pixel pitch, and 3.8m diameter. From the first concept to final production, it takes around 3 months time. The whole transparent LED sphere/ball was divide into 4 parts, which could open and close during the events. After installed in the night clubs, plus the surrounding lighting and laser effect, creates a very unique and special visual effect. It definitely will attract more and more people and maximize the ROI.


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