Unlimited creative LED display, corners, curves and cubes

Presentations that engage, inform, and inspire, start with great content. And they’re displayed with an AV solution that delivers true color accuracy and bright, vibrant visuals, with JR VISUAL TEC LED display products, it works.

Display your content on corners and curves, giant video walls, ribbons, and pillars—it’s all possible.

Finding an indoor corner LED display solution, JR iBand, iSlim, FPP series could all fulfill your expectations. Wide range of pixel pitch options, different cabinet size available, and both normal and high brightness.

Looking for an outdoor corner LED screen proposal, JR PT, FY, FX series can realize that perfectly, especially PT series offers seamless 90 degree LED display solution, which makes a VR LED screen without no visible gap.

Also if you are looking for some curve or round LED display solution, with JR iFlex and iSoft series flexible LED display, it’s easily done. Due to it’s flexibilities, concave and convex LED screen is a piece of cake.